• 1 day 30 meals limited! Special Okinawa Agu hamburger set

      980 yen ~

      1 day 30 meals limited! Special Okinawa Agu hamburger set 150g → 980 yen, 200g → 1180 yen, 250g → 1380 yen on weekdays, salad, soup, rice, source which can be chosen with a drink, the source classic demi-glace sauce Kok horse tomato refreshing from wasabi grated ponzu sauce!

    • topping

      100 yen -

      ◇ Cheddar cheese or fried egg or rice piled high 100 yen ◆ avocado baked with avocado saute 180 yen Khalid is texture also is the best! During the course potato to choose is ♪ I potato S · L 300 yen size ◇ I finished trot Fry chef says, Ginza Position good! crunchy texture and plump fried thickness cut potato all means!

    • Aged beef loin steak set (salad, soup, rice drink)

      1280 yen
    • Beef skirt steak rare steak set (salad, soup, rice drink)

      1080 yen

      Salad, soup, rice drink with meat flavor firmly! It is refreshing Japanese source finish! It is a gem easy to eat for women.Popular gem is also at the dinner.

    • Special beef rare cutlet set (salad, soup, rice drink)

      1280 yen

      Salad, soup, rice, drinks separately is Reakatsu finished in juicy 980 yen now classic Reakatsu! It is very popular in our shop! And refreshing beef thigh meat!

    • Beef roast beef bowl (salad, soup, rice drink)

      1480 yen

      The taste of beef lean finished with sauce! Meat 1.5 times 1,780 yen!

    • Hamburger curry set

      980 yen

      Stewed salad, soup, rice thoroughly 72 hours drink a thick Lou proud of hamburger!

    • [Saturday and Sunday limited] Agu pig & Angus beef steaks set

      1780 yen -

      Steak menu that usually dinner only are available also Saturday and Sunday can be enjoyed at the lunch set! Please enjoy the cooked chef was studying in the long-established teppanyaki.

  • Lunch course

    • [Lunch] limited choice gracefully sparkling ♪ main from noon 2.5H all-you-can-drink with course 3500 → 2980 yen

      2980 yen

      Made with [salad] ◇ seasonal vegetables and seafood rumbling salad ◆ Dosa prime champagne steamed Mur [main] ◇ of Angus beef loin steak mustard sauce 180gor Agu pig hamburger 300g ~ French potatoes ~ [deadline] ◆ mussels extract peperoncino [bite dessert] of Parumijaru tailoring was ◇ ice ※ all-you-can-drink draft beer, of course, sparkling wine! you can enjoy the red, white and rose! ☆ about 60 different ☆